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Dancehall Star Popcaan To Mavado: You're Just Trying To Make Mischief To Stay Around!!

OVO artist Popcaan sat down for an interview with Hot 97, where he spoke about his beef with fellow dancehall star, Mavado.

"A man like Mavado should be in the studio right now, like putting out some projects like motivating these youths. Wha' yuh doing bro? You just chillin and trying to make mischief to stay around," he said.

The pair had participated in the back and forth for quite some time now, but Popcaan thinks that eventually, unity will prevail.

 "I don't know about everybody enuh but wid me, I'm always willing to make the best move for the music and for the culture -- I will put my ego aside and everything and do it for the culture. Well not everybody tinks like dat so ah mean I just play my part at the end of the day and always try to tell dem dat the unity within the music will bring more light to it. So if they don't want to take my advice fine, I will just do what I do."