Legendary Jamaican dancer Roxy aka Bumpa has died after she reportedly tried to execute a dangerous acrobatic dance move at a local Jamaican dance party she attended.

According to reports, Bumpa and her Gladiator Dance colleague Momo entered a dance challenge in the hopes of winning JA$3500, but the move Bumpa attempted went horribly wrong.

Bumpa got into a position where she was standing on her head (or head top), and Momo was supposed to jump over her dance partner, but she did not quite make it and ended up jumping on top of Bumpa, who was carefully balanced on her neck, supported only by her two hands. Bumpa neck was broken during the high-risk move, and she is seen collapsing on the floor.

A video was uploaded to social media showing the incident and the aftermath, and onlookers quickly realized that Bumpa was dead after trying to move her body.

In addition to being a renowned dancer in the dancehall community, Roxy aka Bumpa was also a mother is survived by the her two children, her sons, Danj and Teddy.

Our condolences go out to her loved ones at this difficult time...