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Paul Wharton, a friend of B. Smith, made some explosive allegations against B Smith's husband. and his new girlfriend on live television yesterday. Paul claims to have witnessing Alex "slap" B. Smith and treat her like a child.

Paul - who is a longtime friend of B. Smith - ran into her husband Dan Gasby at a party in the Hamptons. Dan was with his now girlfriend Alex Lerner at a pool party. Paul showed footage of Dan and Alex at a pool party as receipts.

Paul claims that the very next day at a winery, he ran into Dan, Alex, and B. Smith. He also had photographic receipts confirming that he was with them at the winery.

Paul's story is disturbing, He told ABC News that he stopped to talk to the three of them, and is surprised when he says that Dan and Alex told him that B Smith is "like a child." Paul told the interviewers that he"corrected" Dan and Alex, explaining to them that B Smith is not a child, she's an adult.

Then the explosive allegation hit. Paul claims that during the outing at the winery, Alex chastised B. Smith and smacked her on the hand. Paul, who claims he was stunned by Alex's action, stepped in and told Alex she should not do that.

Paul spilled more alleged tea. He claims that during a conversation, Dan told Paul that his wife B Smith is "the sweetest women that he's known" - and that upset Alex - so much so that she allegedly smacks the heck out of Dan on the arm.

Paul says he was surprised by Alex' violent outburst because - as Paul put it, "but that's his wife".

Here's the video - which was aired on ABC News 7 (starts at 1:55):