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Dame Dash's Wife Just TROLLED Beyonce's BEE-HIVE . . . Did She Just ADMIT . . . To Being Jay Z's JUMPOFF TOO???? (Beyonce May Really Need To FIGHT HER Now)

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Last month Rachel Roy filed a POLICE REPORT against Beyonce fans, claiming that she wants them to LEAVE HER ALONE - for making her life hell.

Beyonce fans ATTACKED Rachel when she made Instagram comments suggesting that she was "Becky with the good hair," Jay Z's alleged mistress, in Beyonce's ain't-gonna-take-it-no-more anthem "Lemonade."

Well check out what she did yesterday - is she trying to tell us something???

Back in April, Rachel DENIED she was Becky when Beyonce's song first hit . . . but we guess it's hard to keep a good secret down!