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Dame Dash's eldest daughter Ava Dash is growing up fast, She was spotted by the paparazzi outside Delilah Nightclub in West Hollywood.

Ava definitely looked great - and she was getting attention from many of the men on line at the club.


Ava is the daughter to designer Rachel Roy and music mogul Damon Dash. She was born in 1999, six years prior to her parents getting married.

Ava and her father's relationship has been hot and cold over the years. Two years ago, for example, Dame blocked her on Instagram, accusing ex-wife Rachel of using her account to masquerade as Ava.

Ava is currently a fashion model and a college student in Los Angeles. In addition, she does charioty work - like collaborating with lifestyle brands to offer furnished and decorated foster homes to underprivileged women. 

Ava has also worked with the charitable venture 'Covenant House,' she mentored at 'Step Up,' and has co-authored a book with her mother.

A few years ago, Ava said:

Being that my mom is a fashion designer, I’ve been around that my whole life. I’ve always loved being at her shoots or at her runway shows and loved watching the models get ready. I’ve always wanted to do that. Now that I’m old enough I can actually pursue that. I’m excited.