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Dame Dash is reportedly suing his ex-wife Rachel Roy for wire fraud, accusing her of misappropriating funds from their company, the Rachel Roy Brand.

According to documents obtained by TMZ, Dash says the Rachel Roy Brand is a multi-million dollar empire. The brand is currently sold in several department stores across the country, including Bloomingdales.

But Dame says that Roy conspired with several others to withhold his share of the profits, alleging they "manipulated, diverted, misappropriated, transferred, concealed and embezzled funds." He also says that she "submitted fraudulent accounting, withheld payments, and undervalued Damon's share of RRB."

Dame also states that he was an original member of Rachel's company when she formed it in 2008, while they were still married, and should be able to get a share of the profits.

Dame has been in and out of courts over recent months. He is currently being sued by a woman who alleges that he sexually assaulted her, a claim Dash denies. The woman is being represented by attorney Christopher Brown -- who Dame has been at odds with over recent months.