For years there have been rumors surrounding Jay Z and Aaliyah - now Dame Dash is spilling the tea.

Yesterday a clip from an upcoming interview between Nick Cannon and Dame Dash leaked - and the former Rocafella boss disclosed that Jay Z, "liked" Aaliyah.

Dame Dash snitched on his former BFF after Nick Cannon asked him about Jay Z's relationship with R Kelly.

Nick asked Dame, "[What about] The Rocafella song with Jay and [R Kelly]. And they're singing 'I Ain't Do It'"

Dame responded, "I remember having a conversation with Aaliyah, and I said tell me what happened [with R Kelly]. She just couldn't, and so I left it at that."

Then the music mogul started screaming, "So what you think, I'm human. But I had to look the other way all these years."

Then he spilled Jay Z's business. Dame told, "So publicly [Jay Z] did a record with a man that raped my girl - and that he liked as well."


The R Kelly and Jay Z 'Not Guilty' video was shot in Nov. 2000. Dame and Aaliyah began dating in the Summer of 2000.

Dame Dash wasn’t in any videos or on any credits with Jay and R Kelly after that. Dame and Biggs exec produced every Jay Record til Kingdom Come except the 2 with R Kelly.