Dame Dash has always made it clear how important the late Aaliyah was and still is to him, and on Monday he shared a throwback pic of them together, with an emotional message about his time with her.

"Damn...just came across this on my feed...that vibe shoot were we all connected on a level I wasn’t expecting... @kidadajonesog pulled my coat to this book the seat of the soul..." the caption beings.

"about the evolution of your soul and we all went to the book store and bought the book...changed a lot of my perspectives on things ...you know I brought the books to my crew and conversations changed from there on... sending love and light to @kidadajonesog and her family...I loved your moms I felt like she was one of the few that really got me...but this is the day the magic really happens...crazy it’s documented"

Aaliyah and Dame were dated up until her death on August 25, 2001, where she died in a plane crash on the way back from the Bahamas - where she shot "Rock The Boat."