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Since Kevin Hart went big time, his style has switched up more than a little, but in this hilarious new post, Dame Dash clowns the comedian for wearing boots which look like Uggs.

Dame is seen zooming in on the boots, calling Hart an "all-Black Ninja" before claiming that he doesn't know who Hart is turning into.

The post is captioned:

"That time I caught @kevinhart4real in Barnys wearing uggs I really don’t understand what happened to niggas but f*ck it...I like to laugh... this n*gga is mad over this sh*t..a comedian made cause he got heated up...what’s the world coming to... enjoy your day"

Hart is seen looking highly annoyed and tries to ask to see the phone that is recording him. Dame also tells Hart that he had bad breath and even asks him if he's chewing "mayonnaise gum."