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Dame Dash is gearing up for the premiere of his upcoming BET show, 'The Next Big Thing' and he says that he will be using the platform to promote "deprogramming the slavery mentality" during an interview with The Grio.

"I have opinions that again don't somewhat coincide with my other judges, and we get at it honestly. We all stand our ground. We all have opinions. That's what we while we are still here today. So that combination as well is pretty interesting. And you know I thought BET was brave because you I look at them as my competition. I got my own television network," he told the news outlet.

The Next Big Thing is a music competition series that follows 12 contestants as they participate in an immersive artist development bootcamp. The last two finalists will get a chance to audition in front of four major record labels and possibly sign a deal. The judging panel is comprised of Tina Davis, Dame Dash and Zaytoven, and guest mentors include Tamar Braxton and Lil' Kim - BET

"So this is a day of building your own table if you're built for that. If you have a boss mentality, if you're not running around being controlled by patterns that we're born into where we don't have choices. I consider that a slave mentality. Any chance I get on any platform I get, BET other, I'm going to promote this deprogramming the slavery mentality keeping us in line," Dame continued.

"Us all thinking we have to do the same thing to fit in and all these rules, down to education that we live by today were all implemented by people that had slaves. So why do we listen to rules that we know were made to control our mind because they couldn't control our physical? It's illegal to physically enslave somebody, but to mentally enslave someone is not illegal. It's really your choice. So my thing is to make you aware of that slavery mentality that needs to be broken and deprogrammed at all times."

The Next Big Thing premieres July 9 at 10/9c on BET.