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A woman recently sued Dame Dash for $50M, claiming that he sexually assaulted her.

Well, Dame Dash is fighting back against the accusations - and claims to have a video that supports and exonerates him.

The woman who sued Dame, claimed that he snuck into her room at night and allegedly sexually assaulted her.

First, Dame denies assaulting her. Second, he claims that she is suing him because he caught her allegedly stealing.

To support this, Dame released footage that shows him confronting his accuser of stealing an iPhone, an iPad, and $5,000 of equipment from his home. In the video, Dame says that the woman bought the items using his credit card, and then tried to run off with them.

During the video, Dame suggests that the woman may try and "bring a lawsuit" after being caught and exposed.

Nowhere in the video, does the woman - who is angry - mention that Dame Dash sexually assaulted her days prior.

The entertainment mogul also claims that the woman's lawyer has a vendetta against him, and brought three separate lawsuits against Dame in the past year.

Here's the video: