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Dame Dash has turned his back on fashion brand, Gucci, and to prove it - he's attending a Gucci bonfire this Sunday so that folks can set fire to the Gucci garms one and for all.

Dame shared a flyer for the event via his Instagram, which he captioned:

"Just when I thought I was the only one that was really about that action when it comes to fighting for our culture @davidsabastiananti steps up and is doing something every one else talks sh*t about but is puss cake to actually do something about’s disruptive and this is the only way we get our culture back...we actually give them our drip then they sell it back to us then make fun of us...enough is enough..." he wrote.

He added:

"my team is with you #staytuned bosses are fearless scared doesn’t exist in a bosses world ...if your scared never call yourself a boss this is a conversation you need to have with yourself...if you don’t like the convo change some sh*t"

Gucci is still at the center of a backlash after their 'blackface' sweater went viral for the wrong reasons. They have since apologized but the Black community is not ready to forgive.