Dame Dash Ordered to Pay $300k After Losing Copyright Lawsuit


Dame Dash has reportedly been ordered to pay $300,000 for copyright infringement after a judge found him to be liable.

According to the NY Daily News, the federal judge said Dash had no right to market the 2017 movie "Mafietta" and was "apparently incapable of exercising ordinary civility" during the January trial over ownership of the work.

The news outlet also states that Dame "repeatedly disrupted" trial testimony. They allege that he "shouted" answers to questions directed at a witness, "loudly" accused a witness of "lying," repeatedly made inappropriate gestures that he also made "unpleasant noises."

"The copyright claim was incorrectly decided in our opinion as you were the dominant author," Dash said in a statement following the verdict. "In any event the damages awarded were based on pure speculation so both findings are being appealed."

"Damon Dash claims to help African-American women while stealing from me and my family," Edwyna Brooks said in a statement released by her lawyer, Christopher Brown.

"Damon Dash took African-American created content, used it for his benefit and left the owner of the film carrying the bag. Damon Dash paid for nothing but claimed to own the film. It's pure fantasy and the court saw through his lies," Brown said. "We will now engage in the process of collecting the judgment of $300,000.00. We want every penny, and I mean every penny."