Dame Dash Loses Lawsuit; Tells Judge: Lawyer Breath "smells like doo doo"


Dame Dash just lost a $300K lawsuit against a Los Angeles woman. But MTO News learned that before walking out of the courtroom, Dame made sure to tell the woman that her lawyer's breath "smells like doo doo."

In 2019, author/producer Edwyna Brooks sued Dame back for copyright infringement. Edwyna claimed that she and Dame initially planned to work together to turn her four-part “Mafietta” book series into a film. That never happened, and Edwyna claimed that he later sold the film without her consent. 

The court case was legendary. Dame eventually lost was ordered to pay a $300K judgment, but not before he made the trial a show. At one point, Dame was openly reprimanded by U.S. District Court Judge Jed Rackoff for yelling that one of the attorneys in the case breath smelled like “doo doo.” 

Ultimately, Judge Rackoff ruled in Brooks’ favor, writing in his judgment, “The court concludes that defendants infringed Brooks’ copyright by reproducing and distributing the film on iTunes and Dame Dash Studios without her permission.”