Damon “Dame” Dash had some words for Funk Flex and wants to have a tete a tete with the Hot97 DJ.

Dame challenged Flex for coming at him as well as coming to the defense of music executive, Lyor.

The first post featured an unflattering image of Flex with the caption:

"@funkflex holla at me when you get a chance... I prefer in person so we can speak like men but I doubt you’ll do that...publicly live would be nice...@culturevultures_book available now #staytuned don’t make any excuses for not talking to me either be a man #chattypatty and turn your comments back on #doitfortheculture #alwaysaddresstheelephantintheroom and invite your man #liarcohan #ogculturevulture @hot97 @vanlathan @tmz @theshaderoom @cthagod @pagesix @complex @thesource @mtv @bet @dailymail @worldstar"

He then posted a vintage Combat Jack clip, where Dame further addressed the long-running issue with Flex.

"RIP @reggieosse ... this is what happened last time @funkflex tried to talk about another mans business... rsvp today for #poppingtonuniversity ... full video on our @youtube page and longer form in IGTV"

He also posted a video from his event where he asked to be left alone unless he can have a conversation face to face and even calls Lyor Cohen "liar Cohen" in one of the hashtags.

"Conversations with @hip_hop_motivator Not sure what’s wrong with this dude @funkflex or why he hates his own culture so much...but I feel sorry for him...his master won’t let him out of the that lil room he’s been in for 30?years...and his master won’t even give him a promotion...his master only lets him talk about his own culture...need that conversation face to face @funkflex dont be a coward...and we all know #liarcohen @youtubemusic is paying you cause he’s to much of a coward to face me himself...just like they always do... (divide and conquer)..your the help...and your mentality is help... My mentality is boss..you wouldn’t understand...stop embarrassing our culture...your 50 get a new job #staytuned @culturevultures_book available now @hot97 if y’all don’t fire this clown your radio station is dead like his career #doitfortheculture #ceobeef pause"

But Flex responded by posting an image of Cohen and Method Man hugging, captioned:

Before posting this:

"I don’t judge people on the color of their skin... I judge people on the level of their Passion/Work Ethic.... it’s not always about Black/White... sometimes it’s about Right/Wrong! My parents taught me early in life that the color of my skin will never matter if my work ethic is top notch! Anyone telling u any different Is a LIAR! Veteran OGs sometimes take advantage of the lack of knowledge a person has and then decide to feed u LIES because of the unhappiness they have within... (Fam get therapy) IM NOT TOLERATING THE LIES MOVING FORWARD! Ps. On OG POST COMMENTS WILL REMAIN OFF... NO ONE IN THESE COMMENTS HAVE SEEN WHAT IVE SEEN! SO IM NOT LOOKING FOR “LIKES” or to “WIN YOU OVER! THIS SUBJECT ISNT UP FOR DEBATE! EVERYBODY DID THEIR TALKING... TIME FOR ME TO TALK NOW! #DameDashIsALiar via: @tashara_jones x @hiphopmike"

It's worth mentioning that Flex turned the comments off for his rebuttal post. Comments are usually only turned off when the comments are not very complimentary.

One thing we find hard to believe is that Dame is lying through his teeth. He's brash. He's abrupt. He can even be rude... but he's usually honest to a fault.

The beef isn't over yet. Flex mocked Dame just this morning by posting the following:

He enabled comments for this post.