Dame Dash Fires Off On Adam 22 For Dissing Him: He's Using The Black Community!!


The partnership between Dame Dash and Adam 22 has come to an abrupt end after the podcaster sat down for a lengthy interview with Vlad TV, where he took the opportunity to go in on Dame.

Dame and Adam linked up for a television show and managed just two episodes before things went left.

The No Jumper faced backlash after Adam 22 tried to tell Dame "what Black people want" from Kanye West. Dame accused him of being a racist and had previously called him a "culture vulture," but now Dame said that he thinks that Adam 22 is using Black culture to rise quickly up the food chain.

It is a well-known fact that Dame and Vlad do not like each other.

Dame accuses Adam 22 of only reporting on negative stories in the Black community and questioned why he does not report the same way on his own community.

Adam 22 denies Dame's claims.