Dame Dash was arrested for unpaid child support owed to both mothers of his children.

According to TMZ, he was arrested Wednesday in NYC after attempting to clear up two different warrants in his name for unpaid child support that a judge said that he owed to both Rachel Roy and Cindy Morales.

Dame told the breaking news outlet that he visited the Manhattan courthouse, paid off about a million dollars to clear one warrant, and then tried going to another courthouse to deal with the other one. Still, as soon as he left the first courthouse, the cops were waiting for him, and he was placed in handcuffs.

They then "escorted" him to the second courthouse to pay the rest of the monies owed - and in total, Dame forked out over $1 million in back support - and was immediately freed.

This should clear up any rumors that the media mogul is broke... he paid a mil just in child support alone this week!