Dame Dash has issued a statement following reports of his arrest over his $1 million debt in unpaid child support.

"They never talk about the fact that I've owned a $100 million company for the last ten years. They don't talk about my television network, 24 hours, independent. Or Dame Dash studios streaming service… independent," he said in a clip posted to Instagram.

"They never talk about those things. That's what I'm curious about, that narrative… Why is the narrative always I'm broke? When the President owes money, it don't mean sh*t, he gets elected. When I'm a businessman, I'm independent, I cut checks, and I make sure everyone knows it… But y'all don't talk about that. And that's what I wanna know. Is it because I'm Black? A Black man can't take care of other people without being broke or independent?"

According to Dame, he already coughed up the cash but was arrested nonetheless.

"I went to turn myself in. What money? I already paid it. And I still walked in with cuffs. But I look good though, so it doesn't matter."