On Saturday night, Dallas rapper Yella Beezy was shot multiple times while driving along the highway. According to reports, a car pulled beside his vehicle and fired at least 12 rounds into his car. 

Yella Beezy survived the shooting & is recovering from 8 bullet wounds in a hospital.

The 26-year-old’s baby mama, who has the handle @JustDee88 on Instagram, posted a photo to her Instagram story of Yella Beezy in his hospital bed, receiving a kiss from their young son.

In the pic, the local Texas hip-hop star is alert enough to acknowledge his son, although he is breathing through oxygen tubes in his nose. “I appreciate all the texts and phone calls,” Dee wrote in another post. “it’s hard to respond to everyone so I have avoided answering my phone because I have been physically and mentally drained. Thanks for all the love and support. God is good and God is real!” The motive for the shooting remains unknown, and police have not many any arrests.

Why was Yella shot? Well according to multiple online reports, the shooting was likely a revenge shooting after popular IG comedian Roy Lee died from gunshot wounds he suffered two weeks ago. 

Yella & Roy had an ongoing IG beef & Roy was inviting Yella to fight so they could settle their differences, but then Roy got shot. He initially survived the shooting, made a full recovery and had even gotten back to work doing a comedy show this weekend

Unfortunately Roy developed a blood clot in his lung due to the shooting and he passed away on Saturday - just hours before Yella was shot.