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Dallas Gang Member GUNNED DOWN; Trying To Steal The OPPS' GUN!! (Vid)

A Dallas man, believed to be a gang member, was gunned down yesterday, after he attempted to steal the gun from his adversary - or the "opps" as is known colloquially, MTO News has learned.

Gang Member Tries To Steal The Opps Gun

The incident occurred inside a local convenience store at a Cell Phone Rep[air Center kiosk.

According to the video, which you can see below, the alleged gang member walked up to a man who was his opps, and tried to make small talk. The opps, not knowing that he was in danger engaged his rival in conversation.

That's when, MTO News has learned, things went badly.

The alleged gang member attempted to reach into the opps' waistband and steal his gun. Luckily, the opps reacted quickly, and pulled his handgun and the two men got into a gun battle inside the store.

As you can see, both men were hit with gunfire. The opps was struck in the leg, and managed to drag himself out of the store.

The gang member, unfortunately, was hit multiple times. MTO News has learned that social media reports are saying that he died at the scene.

Here's the video: