NFL Star Dak Prescott Video'd . . . On A YACHT FULL OF THOTS!! (Pics And Video)

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NFL star quarterback Dak Prescott was out on the ocean the other day - on what is being described as a "yacht full of thots."

Unlike his teammate Ezekiel Elliot, who seems to prefer blondes, Dak seemed to have a variety of women on board.

The video starts off showing the women inside the yacht, standing around, posing for the camera, before panning to the stained carpet littered with hundreds or thousands of dollar bills. The ladies were most likely high-end strippers.

The video comes just days after a video emerged of the Dallas quarterback Dak reportedly in a Miami nightclub, enjoying a drink with his friends. In the video, Dak appears to be a "pre-rolled" cigar. While those around him claim that the object was, in fact, a Black & Mild.

"That sure looks like Dak Prescott smoking a blunt. Damn."

"Dak Prescott smoking blunts? Big deal"

"Hope he passes that better than a football "

"I do not have a problem with Dak Prescott caught with a blunt. He wasn't doing it before a game. Just let it go. He's not like OBJ being a diva and in the media for something wrong every other day."

This much partying is not a good look for the Cowboy who is gearing up to enter his third season as the starting quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys.