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Dad Works 2 Jobs To Pay For Son's College . . . Son Fails OUT With 0.2 GPA!! (Video)


A Florida father was caught on video unloading on son - after the young man FAILED OUT of college - achieving a 0.2 G.P.A. The father worked two jobs to pay for his son's college tuition.

And according to the upset father - it was all "wasted." The father explained, in a painful rant - that he worked extra hard to give his son the best. But instead of embracing the opportunity - the young man "f*cked off" the opportunity.

A neighbor managed to capture the father YELLING at his son. The video has quickly gone viral, and is causing some interesting debate among viewers.

Some people believe that the son did his best, but was not ready for college.

But others are saying that his 0.2 GPA shows that the son was clearly NOT doing any o the necessary work that college required.

Here is the video:

Warning, video contains graphic language.