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A New Mexico father is accused of beating his 5 year old daughter to death, because she didn't do her homework.

Police say that Brandon Reynolds, 36, allegedly beat the kindergartener so bad that he made her have a heart attack and go into cardiac arrest.

Brandon was arrested on Friday and charged with child abuse and homicide. He now faces the death penalty.

Police claim that Brandon was helping his daughter with her school work on Thursday evening when the 5 year old refused to complete her assignment. The 36 year old dad allegedly became enraged and he told police “that’s when the discipline kicked in.” 

The police report says that the father began spanking his child with a shoe and that he "blacked out” while administering the beating. Brandon called 911 more than five hours later, at 1:00 AM, claiming his daughter had gone into cardiac arrest.

Paramedics arrived and performed CPR on the 5-year-old girl, then they transported the lifeless child to the University of New Mexico Hospital. She was later pronounced dead. 

Hospital staff discovered the bruises that covered the little girl’s side and back, and notified police, who took Brandon into custody. 

The 5 year old girl's reluctance to do her homework may have been in part caused by autism. The girl was diagnosed with autism, but her father refused to accept the diagnosis. Police say that Brandon “could not deal” with her diagnosis.