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Dababy sat down for a recent interview where he shared that NBA Youngboy NBA is one of his favorite rappers and thinks he is a slept on emcee.

"I like NBA YoungBoy a lot. I know he don't get the credit he deserves for his music because of the stigma that's around him. I just listened to his last project, and he's like crazy talented," he told The Rap Pack.

"After my music, I probably like his music the most just because of his story and how he puts it out there, how shameless he is with putting it out there and the type of music that he continues to make. And not only that—how versatile he can be with it. How he can make this type of song and this type of song, you know, I like it."

he also listed several other artists, including Nicki Minaj and Meek Mill.

Is he right? Does YoungBoy not get the credit he deserves?