Rapper DaBaby has once again, allegedly attacked a fan - this time because the overzealous fan reached for his chain during a live performance.

DaBaby waded through the crowd during his performance at the Prime Festival in Lansing, but one fan was obviously not clued up about the rapper's rep - and earned a hard left-hook for his trouble. After the punch, DaBaby hopped back on the stage to continue his show.

Check out the footage below.

DaBaby has made headlines more than a few times this year for similar incidents. The rapper is currently in court because he sued by another rapper who alleged that he was assaulted by the rapper's security team back in May. The man claimed that he asked for a picture with DaBaby, who he was scheduled to open up for, and viciously beaten by his team.

Also in August, another fan got a beatdown from the rapper's security after he tried to hop on stage.

I think the message here folks is that when you're around DaBaby, stay in your lane!