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Rapper DaBaby visited The Breakfast Club where he opened up about his most recent controversial incident - where his security team allegedly knocked a woman out cold.

The incident took place during his performance in New Orleans on Saturday night.

"Buddy was in there going crazy losing it, real talk! Buddy punched me, buddy punched like three people before he even punched me! And buddy happened to be ol' girl. You get what I'm saying? But at the end of the day, what was [security] supposed to do? Just let her...nah mean? And bruh, with crowds. That's how much love I got for my fans. I know what can come of that," he told the radio hosts.

He continued: "We were walking off, got followed, got hit," he said. "Boom! They tried to neutralize the situation. This was when somebody else got hit. We continued to walk off, trying to get back to the front of the stage. Got hit again. Back of the head. That's when boom, he turned and neutralized the situation and walked off and tried to continue the show."

When asked whether he felt bad about the situation, especially because it was a woman who was assaulted - he said he did but that he was attacked first. He praised his security team for doing their job.

"Nah I ain’t feel bad. What you hitting me for? I feel bad about the fact that it had to be a woman that it happened to, but at the end of the day, [security was doing their job.]"