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The drama continues to follow DaBaby as he is now being sued by the man his security team allegedly put in a coma.

DaBaby was scheduled to perform at Centro Nightclub in Lawrence, Massachusetts. Before the show kicked off, rapper Don Trag (who was DaBaby's opening act) approached him for a photo. He was denied before he was seen being beaten up by DaBaby's security team. The incident was caught on camera.

Trag is now taking legal against the XXL Freshman and his team. According to TMZ, he is suing for damages.

The breaking news outlet is reporting that due to the severity of his head and neck injuries, his medical costs will be more than than $100,000 in medical expenses and other costs. 

Trag reportedly blames DaBaby for supplying his team with inadequate training which caused them to overreact to the situation. DaBaby also did not try to intervene to stop the situation.