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Rapper DaBaby has reportedly settled a legal battle with a video vixen over an alleged extortion attempt.

According to court documents obtained by The Blast, DaBaby worked out a deal with model Marjorie Guaracho, after sued her for allegedly trying to extort him for money. Marjorie appeared in the rapper's music video for "Vibez" and afterward threatened to sue the him saying he used footage of her in the video and made it appear that she "endorses pornography." 

The model through her attorney demanded compensation for experience and estimated her damages to be in excess of $75,000.According to Guaracho, the video was far from anything she was expecting. 

DaBaby responded by saying that the models were paid $100 each for their time and that they all signed a release. He also followed with a lawsuit against Marjorie alleged that she was trying to shake him down for money. Now, it appears the parties have reached a settlement.

 "The essence of the settlement is that the Plaintiffs have full and complete rights with respect to Plaintiff's image and likeness in connection with the video entitled "Vibez." One of the conditions to the settlement is the entry of an order confirming the settlement, acknowledging the Plaintiffs possess all of the Defendant's rights with respect to the Video," the court documents read in part.

The publication reports that a judge has yet to sign off on the settlement agreement.