Good news for rapper DaBaby, who will not be facing charges from an incident which occurred at the Dallas Forth Worth International Airport and involved an airport employee.

DaBaby's attorney, Michael Heiskell, presented the Tarrant County authorities with new video evidence that proves the "BOP" rapper wasn't at fault for an alleged assault.

The rapper recently spent time in a Miami jail after allegedly assaulting a promoter who he believed short-changed him.

He wants everyone to move on from his legal woes.

"To Whom It May Concern: Please stop talking to me about that weak ass 48 hours I spent in jail and that failed attempt to break my spirits and interrupt the path I'm taking to my God-given success," he wrote following his release from jail.

"I remain composed and focused knowing allegations made without honesty and integrity will never be honored by the most high."

Hopefully, DaBaby won't find himself in any more hot water this year.