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DaBaby was recently involved in a minor car accident - and after hitting a woman's car, the rapper handed her $150 for her trouble.

The "Suge" rapper bumped into the lady at a stoplight. Fortunately, the woman happened to be a fan of his - and was even bumping his music at the time of the incident. The unidentified female told the rapper that there were no damages to her vehicle, but he gave her the cash anyway.

"Okay, look, I just ran into her car at the light. She said it ain't no damage. It's cool. I said, 'Let me give you one of these pink fifties anyways. I gave her one fifty. I said it's from DaBaby. She said, 'I'm listening to your sh*t right now.' I done ran into the back of her sh*t, while she playing my sh*t."

A smart, legal move from DaBbay, who got the woman to say on camera that everything was cool - so she cannot turn around and hit him with a lawsuit!

Check out the video below: