DaBaby Dragged After He Pledges Support To Kanye West


Twitter wasted no time dragging DaBaby after he announced that he is voting for Kanye West in the November elections.

"Ima let y'all finish," he wrote. "But you got me f*cked up you think I ain't voting for Ye," he tweeted.

This is despite Ye saying that he was trying to siphon votes from Biden and it being confirmed that several members of the GOP are working with him on his campaign.

Ye may also be investigated for election fraud.

During his first-ever campaign event, the rapper raised eyebrows after revealing that he and his wife Kim Kardashian, also aborted their eldest daughter, North West.

"I almost killed my daughter. I love my daughter. … God wants us to create," said West. "No more Plan B -- Plan A," he said.

West added that he thinks abortion should be legal, but that there should be more support for those who need it.

"The maximum increase would be everybody that has a baby gets a million dollars or something in that range," said West.

Here's Twitter's response to DaBaby's tweet: