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Rapper DaBaby is denying allegations made by his baby mama, MeMe, but has admitted that he is expecting another child from another woman.

MeMe announced to the world on Tuesday that the "Suge" rapper is expecting another baby. Via her Instagram stories, she wrote, "And speaking the truth does not mean I am not a GOD FEARING WOMAN, this is why we are here today," MeMe continued, "Never be afraid to speak about what is right and what's wrong -- a message to the rapper's diehard fans.

MeMe also made sure to bring receipts -- posting video footage of several text messages between DaBaby and his alleged side chick.

The news comes as a surprise because DaBaby and MeMe have been publicly displaying their affection on social media, and DaBaby even took her to Super Bowl LIV with him. DaBaby says he wasn't in a relationship with her at the time the baby was conceived.

See his response to MeMe's claims below.