Rapper Da Baby and his baby's mother Meme have split up, but have decided to have another baby together - a "friendship baby."

A "friendship baby" is when two parents - who have a good relationship - decide to add to their family, even though they are no longer together.

Currently, Da Baby and Meme have two children together - a son and a daughter - and now they're looking for a third.

MTO News spoke with one of Meme's close friends who confirmed that Meme is pregnant - but they're having a "friendship baby."

Her friend explained, "A friendship baby is when you and your baby's father just have another kid - so that all the kids have the same father."

Meme spoke publicly after reports hit the web that she was having another child with Da Baby. She wanted to clarify the status of their relationship because the initial reports erroneously suggested that she and Da Baby were "together." Here's the initial report:


Meme immediately gave an interview to Kiss Talk and shot down reports of them being together. She said, "We single, but that’s my boo though, regardless."

Da Baby & Meme met through mutual friends, but their relationship didn't become official until she became pregnant. Meme told the interviewer that their relationship was "real cool, real chill," and they didn't have any drama. 

"He is actually an amazing father," she said. "Not only to our daughter but to my son as well. He done been in his life for a very long time. He's an amazing father, I can give him that."