D.L. Hughley: Kanye West Is Acting Like Donald Trump!!


D.L. Hughley isn't sure about Kanye West's mental illness -- and recently compared the rapper to Donald Trump.

The comedian said, "there is no doubt that he suffers from some level of mental illness," adding that Ye is "conveniently mentally ill." 

Hughley says, "He's not so ill that he can't [take] $5 million in the PPP payments. So he seems to be conveniently ill when it serves his purposes. And I think he, to me, Kanye West is exactly like Donald Trump. So it would make sense that they're attracted to one another."

Kanye suffers from bipolar but recently confessed that he is trying to siphon votes away from Biden -- to help Trump.

"I'm not denying it; I just told you. To say that the Black vote is Democratic is a form of racism and white supremacy," he told Forbes.

Trump denied helping Kanye -- but GOP members are actively working with Ye. "I like Kanye very much," Trump told reporters at the White House. "No, I have nothing to do with him getting on the ballot. We'll have to see what happens."