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Cynthia From ATL Housewives . . . Reportedly CHEATING On New Boyfriend!! (DETAILS)


MTO News learned that Cynthia from the Atlanta Housewives - is going to be at the center of some DRAMA in the upcoming season of Bravo's HIT TV show. That's because there are rumors on the set, that she is cheating on her new boyfriend - with her ex-husband Peter Thomas.

Cynthia is currently dating Sportcaster Mike Hill. She met him on a Dating segment, on the Steve Harvey Show. The two are supposedly "in love":

Now here's the tea that we've got. First off Peter and Cynthia both claim that they are "divorced", but MTO News was UNABLE to find any documents in the State of Georgia that officially show the pair went through with a "legal" divorce. There are rumors that Cynthia and Peter are actually STILL MARRIED.

Second, Peter and Cynthia have stayed in CONTACT - and the two are going into business together, and re-opening up their Bar One restaurant in Atlanta together. This part isn't speculation, it's FACT. Peter and Cythina have already began work on the new Bar One.

Word is that the two have been spending a LOT of time together, and some people on the production team at the Atlanta Housewives suspect that they are still sleeping with each other.

But they're not the only ones who suspect they are still LOW KEY seeing each other. Here's what the website StarightFromTheA is reporting. The writer who posted this is a personal friend of Peter:

Peter revealed during the call that he’s scheduled to film a few scenes with Cynthia as they prepare to finally get the location up and running.

While I’m still a bit skeptical of Peter and Cynthia’s arrangement, the restaurateur states that it’s strictly business but he finds it odd that Cynthia would be dating yet another alumni of a ‘Steve Harvey’ dating segment.