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Cyn Santana has revealed that since her split with Joe Budden went public, her dms have been flooded with guys trying to shoot their shot.

"All these hey big head texts and messages ain’t flattering at allllll lol I want no partssssssss" she tweeted out Thursday night.

The tweet comes just days after Budden tweeted, “When you can really enjoy a meal during your break up diet >>>."

Neither are appearing to be too heartbroken on social media, but that doesn't mean that drama isn't happening behind the scenes. Budden denied that he had broken up from Santana because neither of them had said the words "broken up," but it's clear that this is at least a temporary break up.

Budden was snapped out with stunning model Jazzma Kendrick a few weeks back in Miami Beach, but fans are rooting for the couple to work things out and get back together.