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TOO CUTE!!! We Got The PRE-SCHOOL PICS . . . Of Chris Brown's Daughter ROYALTY . . . And She Looks JUST LIKE HER DADDY!!


Chris Brown's daughter Royalty took some professional pics at her pre-school, and they came out this week. Look how adorable Breezy's baby girl is . . . she looks just like her daddy.

We're also glad to see all the POSITIVE CHANGES that Chris has made to his life since having Royalty.

It's been a tough road for Chris. His baby's mother has tried to take him back to court repeatedly. First she wanted Chris to have no parental custody to their 2-year-old daughter, saying that Chris was a unfit parent who could put their child in danger. Then she wanted more child support to raise Royalty.

So happy moments like these are precious and cherished.