CUTE COUPLE!!! Chris Tucker Went to a RED CARPET EVENT . . . With His GORGEOUS GIRLFRIEND On One Arm . . . And His Mama On The OTHER!!!


Chris Tucker attended the celeb-filled 85th birthday dinner for politician Andrew Young. He attended the event with his longtime GF - Jarneen Chaney Brown - on one arm and his lovely MAMA on the other.

Looks like Chris and Janeen are getting real serious. We hear wedding bells in their future.

Andrew Young is an American politician, diplomat, and activist. Beginning his career as a pastor, Young was an early leader in the Civil Rights Movement, serving as executive director of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC) and a close confidant to Martin Luther King Jr.

He later became active in politics, serving first as a U.S. Congressman from Georgia, then United States Ambassador to the United Nations, and finally Mayor of Atlanta.

Since leaving political office, Young has founded or served in a large number of organizations working on issues of public policy and political lobbying.