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Rapper CupakKe has revealed that she has signed a deal worth a reported $8 million to her fans via social media.

“Your girl just signed a 8 million $ deal God is soooooooooooooo good ... I have no words right now,” CupcakKe tweeted.

The specifics of the deal have not yet been released, neither has the name of the label who has given her the impressive offer, but if her tweet is true, we will most likely get the deets on the deal over the course of the next few days/ weeks.

CupkakKe is known for her bold, overtly sexual style, and during an interview with Fader last March, she spoke in-depth about her inspiration.

“My style is how I feel about the moment,” CupcakKe told the publication. “If I feel sexual, if I wanna show my nipples, I do it. If I want to be all covered up and not showing nothing at all, I do it. It’s all on how I feel basically waking up that morning.”