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A defense lawyer for accused Hollywood star Cuba Gooding Jr has launched a "#NotMe" movement, designed to support men falsely accused of criminal behavior.

"After fifty years of defending innocent, falsely accused and unfairly prosecuted defendants, I am igniting the #NotMe Movement", attorney Mark Heller said, adding: "I am totally confident that when a jury of Cuba Gooding Jr's peers assess all of the exculpatory evidence in this case, that he will be totally exonerated. His case will be a hallmark example for the #NotMe Movement."

Cuba is facing forcible touching and sex abuse charges after he was accused of touching a woman's breast, in the presence of her husband at a club.

A judge denied a request from his legal team to dismiss the charges. He has denied the allegations against him over the incident which was captured on surveillance camera.

"I have viewed the footage (of video surveillance) of the entire evening and did not see one scintilla of criminal culpability on the part of Cuba Gooding," Heller said.