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Cuba Gooding Jr. revealed how he is feeling after his upcoming groping trial was adjourned just moments before it was slated to begin last week.

"I think to live in the moment. Don't look too far ahead in the future," Cuba told HollywoodLife. 

"I think every time there's a tragedy in my life…you always take for granted what's happening at the moment, and then the tragedy hits and then the day after the tragedy, you always look back and go, man, the day before that I was just carefree. So now I just like, this moment, this interview, just to enjoy it. Appreciate it, and move on." 

Cuba is accused of groping a woman's breast in a nightclub. The incident was caught on camera, but there appears to be some confusion over what was captured exactly.

Deputy District Attorney Jenna Long said the trial had been postponed because they were waiting for more evidence in the trial.

 "We believe the only reason he was arrested and prosecuted was because of his celebrity status," the star's lawyer Mark Heller told press after the postponement was announced.

His trial will now begin next month.