Cuba Gooding Jr. was arraigned on new charges stemming from a third alleged sex abuse victim after more women reportedly stepped forward to accuse the Hollywood actor. According to prosecutors, as many as 17 women have now come forward.

Gooding currently faces a total of six misdemeanor counts of forcible touching and sex abuse stemming from three accusers' allegations. He pleaded not guilty in court to the new charges.

His attorney, Mark Jay Heller, has said he's "confident" his client will be exonerated.

 "Anyone who has seen this video would say that there wasn't any touching that is inappropriate," he said.

"What I see in the TAO video is at roughly 4:30 a.m., at the end of the day, Cuba is exiting the facility and with the back of his hand, his fingernail, he taps the lady in the back and turns around to give her a high five just as a salutation of goodbye -- it's not criminal conduct whatsoever."