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CRITICS Are Saying There's a New 'CLASSIC BLACK Film' . . . On The Level Of 'LOVE AND BASKETBALL' And 'MENACE 2 SOCIETY'!! (Details)


"Maybach" Manny Halley, producer of the upcoming movie, True to the Game, and his fellow producers were photo'd by the paparazzi outside Craig's in West Hollywood.

We're hearing A LOT of buzz about the movie - they're saying it's the next BLACK CLASSIC movie!!

We've been waiting for a new "CLASSIC" film. It's been a long time coming . . .

Manny Halley, the CEO of Imani Entertainment Group (IEG), has a bevy of companies under the IEG umbrella, including Imani Management, Imani Records (EMI/Capitol), Imani Publishing (Warner/Chappell) and Imani Film and Television.