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Michael B. Jordan's fans showed up for him in a big way as his new movie Creed II has the biggest opening of the entire franchise!

Creed II enjoyed the franchise's best opening weekend estimated to have grossed just over $35 million domestically. Creed pulled in $29.6M during its opening weekend.

Jordan has been keeping his fans updated with regular, half-nekkid pics showing off his Adonis bod via his social media and his recent press runs have been littered with hints about his non-existent love life.

Well, his hard work has definitely paid off.

Speaking to Vulture, Jordan revealed that he misses his muscly Creed body:

"Right now, I feel so small, man. I’ve lost so much weight to play [real-life lawyer] Bryan Stevenson in Just Mercy. I don’t want to look the same all the time and I can’t grow a beard, so I’ve got to find different ways to switch it up. Coming off of a project like Creed II, where Adonis is un-human like, it’s so hard to walk around like that. I’m kind of like, What is my real body? I gotta buy different clothes. I go through a period of time where I’m pretty huge, and then suits don’t fit me the right way. But I prefer being in shape. I’m about to start getting back into shape."

Do you watch Creed over the Thanksgiving holiday?