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CRAZY VIRAL VIDEO: Mississippi Girl BEATS Up A Girl . . . Then Holds Her Down . . . And VOMITS ON HER!!


There’s a new video going VIRAL on social media . . . And it’s UNBELIEVABLE.
The video shows two Mississippi women fighting. It was just a regular fight video – until the UNTHINKABLE happened.

The winner HELD DOWN the loser – and VOMITED ON HER HEAD.

Vomiting on somebody is one of the most demeaning things that you can do to another person. Come on! Isn’t a beatdown enough? Apparently these days, people are insisting on shooting fades to the extreme and of course, they are recording and uploading the fights to social media so that the authorities can track them down even faster and throw them in jail!

This fight brings back memories of ‘Love & Hip Hop Hollywood’ stars Nastassia Smith and Nikki Mudarris’ fight. At a cute boutique store in LA, Nas vomited into her and threw it across the store on Nikki to truly bring her point home. A move I’m sure that she regrets. The entire audience was grossed out. It was not a good look.

Today is St. Patricks Day. Millions of people will be drinking and getting drunk to the point of nausea. We wonder how many alcohol-induced fights there will be that end up in a vomit slinging mess?

Just please don’t upload the videos. Y’all can keep those!

Here is a link to the video – it’s VERY GRAPHIC