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CRAZY VIDEO: Woman BUSTED Her Boyfriend In The Face . . . With A Wine GLASS . . . And The Glass HIT HIS EYE!!! (Dang - He May End Up BLIND)


A disturbing video has just been circulated online, showing a VIOLENT domestic situation - where a man is ATTACKED by his girlfriend.

The sickening footage was captured by Peter Cairns - as he got into an argument with his girlfriend, Melissa Connolly at her home.

Peter knew the situation was going badly, so he began FILMING the encounter - as he tried to leave her house.

But that wasn't going to work for Melissa - and she attacked. Watch:

A bloodied Mr. Cairns can be heard repeatedly shouting for help after he was struck by the glass with a gash visible just above his eye.

Preston Crown Court heard doctors tell Mr. Cairns he was lucky not to lose his eye. It's not clear whether he will regain full vision, though.