CRAZY STORY: Repo Agent RAN WOMAN OFF THE ROAD . . . Trying To Reposess Her Car . . . He KILLED HER . . . And We Have The PICS!! (Wow . . . Is It That Serious)

Original: has some sad news to report. A 35-year-old woman from Utah was killed, and police have charged the man trying to repossess her car - with MANSLAUGHTER.

According to police, the woman crashed her SUV into a tree while running from a repo agent trying to repossess her Lincoln Navigator.

Police have NOT RELEASED the name of the victim, but the man accused of chasing her is tow truck driver Kenneth Drew. Police claim that Kenneth came to the victim's home to take her SUV.

She argued with him, jumped into the vehicle and sped off. But polics say that Kenneth hopped into his tow truck and pursued the victim, chasing behind her at speeds reached 70 mph on a 35 mph road.

Police then claim that the tow truck made contact with the SUV, causing the victim to crash her SUV and die.

He was taken to the Utah County Jail on charges of manslaughter.