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CRAZY STORY: 16 Year Old Girl Is GANG RAPED In An Abandoned Building . . . By Her BOYFRIEND AND HIS FRIENDS!!

gangrape18n-4-web received word of a heinous crime in Florida. Five teenagers were arrested and charged with gang-raping a 16-year-old girl, then robbing her and stealing her clothes.

Here's what happened. Police say that the unnamed victim was invited to hang out with her boyfriend inside an abandoned house in Ft Lauderdale.But she became nervous, when more and more of her boyfriends friends started showing up.

Then she was attacked. Police say that one of the teens started fondling the victim and she tried to leave the house, but he said, “No, no, no get her.”

Three of the teens allegedly dragged her into the bedroom and restrained her. Over a period of many hours, the victim claims that she was raped by a total of eight teens.

The victim eventually escaped and notified police and identified four of her attackers. Police managed to obtain cell phone video showing part of the attack.

James Dorelus, Olbry Pierre, 16-year-old Stervenson Isma, 17-year-old Amazan Robensky and 18-year-old Woolvens Bazile were all arrested anc charged with rape and robbery.