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LOVE AND HIP HOP SHOCKER: Tommie Gets 'FIRED' From Love And Hip Hop . . . After She ALLEGEDLY Threatens . . . To MURDER Another Castmember!!!


Love & Hip Hop: ATLANTA is going to be short one cast member. learned that TOMMIE LEE has officially been FIRED from the Atlanta version of the series. She will NOT be at the reunion show, and is not expected to be ANYWHERE NEAR THE PRODUCTION - ever.

What happened? Well we're trying to be REAL CAREFUL with our words, cause we're not trying to get anyone into trouble. But a insider tells us that they became "fearful" that Tommie may be preparing to do something very EXTREME.

The insider explained, "We were concerned that [Tommie] might harm another cast member, and we're not talking about a little fight." One of the cast members reportedly told production that Tommie made threats to them that could be perceived as DEATH THREATS.

In the interest of caution, producers TOOK ACTION and let Tommie go.