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Court Rules Jane Doe In Trey Songz Sexual Assault Case Will Not Have To Reveal Her Name


A woman who has sued singer Trey Songz for sexual assault, scored a win in court after a judge ruled that she did not have to reveal her identity to move forward.

Jane Doe filed a $10 million lawsuit against the singer accusing him of assaulting her in a Florida club. The court told the woman she had to reveal her identity before her case could proceed, but Doe appealed the decision, and a higher court agreed with the argument that she did not have to reveal her identity to have the case heard. 

"The district court abused its discretion in denying Ms. Doe's motion for two reasons. First, it erroneously concluded that Ms. Doe would be required to disclose her identity at trial, contrary to cases showing that is not necessarily so. Second, it failed to properly consider Ms. Doe's allegations about the stigma she claimed she would face as a result of her family's religious beliefs," documents obtained by The Blast read.

The documents also states that "the district court denied Ms. Doe leave to proceed anonymously before Mr. Neverson even appeared in the case, despite acknowledging that it "will not pose that great of a risk of unfairness" to him."